Monday, 27 May 2013

Thai Yoga Massage

Hi All

I've been studying Thai Yoga Massage for the last 2.5 years & I've finally managed to finish the course & pass my written & practical exam which feels like a real achievement.

In case you're not familiar with Thai Yoga Massage,it is a bodywork & it has roots with Buddhism & originates in India & then was practiced in Thailand via Buddhist monks travelling between the two countries.

The treatment takes place on a futon, the client remains fully clothed throughout the session.

The treatments is intended to take approximately two hours and works on the entire body, from the feet to the head.
It includes hatha yoga based stretches, massage & energy line work.
There are ten Sen energy lines on the body & most of these will be worked on by the practitioner during the session.
The Sen energy lines are mostly found on the legs and on the back of the body.
This combination of yoga based stretches, energy line work & massage makes Thai Yoga Massage a very intriguing & amazing & unusual treatment.
In parts the treatment can be calm and relaxing and other sections are very dynamic and fast paced.

The intention of the treatment is to balance energy in the body from the feet to the head.
The practitioner's intention toward the client is to work intuitively with their body with 'loving kindness.'

The treatment works on the feet, the front of the body including the arms, chest, stomach & face.
It works on the side of the body also. There is also a section which takes place cross legged in a seated position.
There is a section which works on the back & neck and the back of the legs as well as the front of the legs.

The form of Thai Yoga Massage I have studied is Northern style which combines a lot of work on the legs as the Northern Thai's were field workers who benefited from this. However I can adapt treatments to suit each different individual & their individual bodily & emotional needs.

Although Thai Yoga Massage is usually a longer treatment often 2 hours I can do shorter treatments of 1 hour or 1.5 hours.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in trying out my Thai Yoga Massage on:
07891 851 229 or mailing me on

Looking forward to treating you all & showing you the delights that Thai Yoga Massage has to offer.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Jan 2011 offer/Ear Acupuncture

All ear acupuncture sessions next month Jan 2011 will be discounted by £5.00.
This discount applies to both private and also low cost sessions.

I'm also doing a general talk about Ear Acupuncture at The Anahata Health Clinic 119/120 Edward Street Brighton.
This will take place on Sat January 8th 2011 at 12.15am.

The talk will consist of some history of Ear Acupuncture; parts of the ears & how this relates to the body; Conditions Ear Acupuncture is used to treat, particularly Addictions,
Nicotine withdrawal and mental health issue.
There will be a short demo as well.

Monday, 13 December 2010


Updating you on Offers with Holic Interventions

This month December 2010, I'm offering a £5.00 discount off any bookings made on Indian Head Massage/ Reiki or Ear Acupuncture.

So Indian Head Massage & Reiki will cost £25.00 and
the cost of an Ear acupuncture session will be £20.00
and low cost ear acu will be £15.00
This offer lasts till 1st January 2011.

Introduce A Friend offer: If you introduce a friend to the service you both receive a £5.00 discount. You on your next session and your friend on their 1st session. This is an indefinate offer.

Also remember Ear Acupuncture Sessions are available low cost in a one to one settings every Friday at Anahata from 2.30pm to 6.30pm at £20.00.
During December 2010 promo for just £15.00.

If you'd like any more info call Yasmin on 07891 851 229 or see

Merry Xmas

Monday, 10 May 2010

A Reiki Year

This year so far has definately been more of Reiki year than any other in my careeer as a holistic therapist. For some reason most people that I treat seem to want Reiki over any other treatment and why not as its such a fab simple and georgeous treatment.

Some people are dubious of Reiki and of Its intentions. I've had good/interesting experiences of Reiki from receiving and also from giving. I believe strongly that the Reiki energy is very much real. I've now seen many examples of how real it is in sessions and also from receiving treatments too.

One of the things that attracted me to Reiki is its very peaceful and lovely principales. The practitioner is reminded in study that they have not healed the client in fact its the energy that has healed the client, they are merely a channel for the energy to go to the client. This principale humbles a practitioner and there skill in Reiki. It allows for Reiki not to be misused in any way as well.

The 5 main principales of Reiki are:
1) Just for today, do not worry
2) Just for today, do not anger
3) Honour your parents, teachers and Elders
4) Earn your Living Honestly
5) Show Gratitude to every living Thing.

These are aims to try to live life by. I do Reiki on myself practically every night as it helps me to fall asleep. Its a fab/georgeous treatment that often helps the receiver to feel more positive about themselves and their life in general.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I.H.M Great for Aches And Pains With Flu/Cold/Cough

Indian head Massage helps to loosen tight muscles and knots in the top back; shoulders and neck area.

This means its the best winter treatment that you can have. Often when people are about to get a cold; cough or flu the muscles in the neck and shoulders became very tight. Indian head massage can help to relieve these tight muscles. It also works on sinus points on the face, which again help to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Massage Oils are used on tight muscles to help to loosen them and warm them up.

If you have a cold; cough or flu like symptoms coming on, Indian head Massage can definately help to make you feel better and move towards feeling well again.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ear Acupuncture For Addictions

Ear acupuncture is mainly used in the West to treat drug addictions of various types. Most project's in the U.K that support clients with drug or alcohol issues provide Ear acupuncture for their client groups. Re-hab programmes often use it as part of their treatment plans for service users.

There is substantial evidence to prove that it's help full in dealing with craving's and withdrawl when coming off drug's or alcohol. For example in 1975 Lincoln hospital in the South Bronx piloted the use of Ear acupuncture in methadone detoxification. It was a state licensed programme that provided more then 500,000 acupuncture treatments. The programme used ear acupuncture for prolonged withdrawal symptoms after a 10 day initial detox cycle. The results were very good.

Ear acupuncture is able to treat client's with nicotine addiction's; alcohol issues and also drug addictions (Heroine, cocaine and crack to name a few.)Its also very good for general detoxification.

Despite this however Ear acupuncture is also useful in treating many other conditions; insomnia, depression, anxiety; panic attacks, paranoia, o.c.d, hormone issues; headaches/migraine's, pain in the body; asthma and digestive problems.

for more information please see >http://www.holisticinterventions/ear-acupuncture.php

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Reiki Symbols

During a Reiki session various different symbols are used to help focus the energy on the client's specific issues.

There are four main symbols used: Cho-Ku-Rei which increases the patients power and is used for physical problems and works on the energy in the physical body.

Sei-Hei-Ki which is used for emotional healing. It align's the upper chakra's and generally allows the energy in the emotional body of our aura to flow. It works on the sub conscious mind.

Hon - Sha - Ze- Sho - Nen: Works on the con-scious mind, it's a mental healing symbol. It can heal the past, present and future in this dimension and others.
This symbol can also be used for distant healing, to send Reiki to a situation or a person who may not be physically present with you but the practitioner may feel this person or situation may needs some extra healing support.

Dai-ko-myo: This symbol works on the spiritual body of a person's aura, it focus's the energy on balance, integration and enlightenment.

I also practice Karuna Ki Reiki level one, which has another ten symbols. These symbols can support the practitioner to focus the Reiki treatment on protection; harmony; balance; deep emotional healing from the past and also past lives; and there are also symbols to increase positive energy in the aura.

Affirmations: I often use affirmations during a Reiki treatment with a patient. An affirmation is a positive statement about the patients health issue stated in the present tense. For example:
'Linda is a confident and positive person.'
This affirmation is repeated over each of the chakra's by the practitioner. The patient picks up this positive message via their sub-conscious.

If you are interested in any further info on Reiki please see: