Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ear Acupuncture For Addictions

Ear acupuncture is mainly used in the West to treat drug addictions of various types. Most project's in the U.K that support clients with drug or alcohol issues provide Ear acupuncture for their client groups. Re-hab programmes often use it as part of their treatment plans for service users.

There is substantial evidence to prove that it's help full in dealing with craving's and withdrawl when coming off drug's or alcohol. For example in 1975 Lincoln hospital in the South Bronx piloted the use of Ear acupuncture in methadone detoxification. It was a state licensed programme that provided more then 500,000 acupuncture treatments. The programme used ear acupuncture for prolonged withdrawal symptoms after a 10 day initial detox cycle. The results were very good.

Ear acupuncture is able to treat client's with nicotine addiction's; alcohol issues and also drug addictions (Heroine, cocaine and crack to name a few.)Its also very good for general detoxification.

Despite this however Ear acupuncture is also useful in treating many other conditions; insomnia, depression, anxiety; panic attacks, paranoia, o.c.d, hormone issues; headaches/migraine's, pain in the body; asthma and digestive problems.

for more information please see >http://www.holisticinterventions/ear-acupuncture.php

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