Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Reiki Symbols

During a Reiki session various different symbols are used to help focus the energy on the client's specific issues.

There are four main symbols used: Cho-Ku-Rei which increases the patients power and is used for physical problems and works on the energy in the physical body.

Sei-Hei-Ki which is used for emotional healing. It align's the upper chakra's and generally allows the energy in the emotional body of our aura to flow. It works on the sub conscious mind.

Hon - Sha - Ze- Sho - Nen: Works on the con-scious mind, it's a mental healing symbol. It can heal the past, present and future in this dimension and others.
This symbol can also be used for distant healing, to send Reiki to a situation or a person who may not be physically present with you but the practitioner may feel this person or situation may needs some extra healing support.

Dai-ko-myo: This symbol works on the spiritual body of a person's aura, it focus's the energy on balance, integration and enlightenment.

I also practice Karuna Ki Reiki level one, which has another ten symbols. These symbols can support the practitioner to focus the Reiki treatment on protection; harmony; balance; deep emotional healing from the past and also past lives; and there are also symbols to increase positive energy in the aura.

Affirmations: I often use affirmations during a Reiki treatment with a patient. An affirmation is a positive statement about the patients health issue stated in the present tense. For example:
'Linda is a confident and positive person.'
This affirmation is repeated over each of the chakra's by the practitioner. The patient picks up this positive message via their sub-conscious.

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