Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I.H.M Great for Aches And Pains With Flu/Cold/Cough

Indian head Massage helps to loosen tight muscles and knots in the top back; shoulders and neck area.

This means its the best winter treatment that you can have. Often when people are about to get a cold; cough or flu the muscles in the neck and shoulders became very tight. Indian head massage can help to relieve these tight muscles. It also works on sinus points on the face, which again help to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Massage Oils are used on tight muscles to help to loosen them and warm them up.

If you have a cold; cough or flu like symptoms coming on, Indian head Massage can definately help to make you feel better and move towards feeling well again.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ear Acupuncture For Addictions

Ear acupuncture is mainly used in the West to treat drug addictions of various types. Most project's in the U.K that support clients with drug or alcohol issues provide Ear acupuncture for their client groups. Re-hab programmes often use it as part of their treatment plans for service users.

There is substantial evidence to prove that it's help full in dealing with craving's and withdrawl when coming off drug's or alcohol. For example in 1975 Lincoln hospital in the South Bronx piloted the use of Ear acupuncture in methadone detoxification. It was a state licensed programme that provided more then 500,000 acupuncture treatments. The programme used ear acupuncture for prolonged withdrawal symptoms after a 10 day initial detox cycle. The results were very good.

Ear acupuncture is able to treat client's with nicotine addiction's; alcohol issues and also drug addictions (Heroine, cocaine and crack to name a few.)Its also very good for general detoxification.

Despite this however Ear acupuncture is also useful in treating many other conditions; insomnia, depression, anxiety; panic attacks, paranoia, o.c.d, hormone issues; headaches/migraine's, pain in the body; asthma and digestive problems.

for more information please see >http://www.holisticinterventions/ear-acupuncture.php

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Reiki Symbols

During a Reiki session various different symbols are used to help focus the energy on the client's specific issues.

There are four main symbols used: Cho-Ku-Rei which increases the patients power and is used for physical problems and works on the energy in the physical body.

Sei-Hei-Ki which is used for emotional healing. It align's the upper chakra's and generally allows the energy in the emotional body of our aura to flow. It works on the sub conscious mind.

Hon - Sha - Ze- Sho - Nen: Works on the con-scious mind, it's a mental healing symbol. It can heal the past, present and future in this dimension and others.
This symbol can also be used for distant healing, to send Reiki to a situation or a person who may not be physically present with you but the practitioner may feel this person or situation may needs some extra healing support.

Dai-ko-myo: This symbol works on the spiritual body of a person's aura, it focus's the energy on balance, integration and enlightenment.

I also practice Karuna Ki Reiki level one, which has another ten symbols. These symbols can support the practitioner to focus the Reiki treatment on protection; harmony; balance; deep emotional healing from the past and also past lives; and there are also symbols to increase positive energy in the aura.

Affirmations: I often use affirmations during a Reiki treatment with a patient. An affirmation is a positive statement about the patients health issue stated in the present tense. For example:
'Linda is a confident and positive person.'
This affirmation is repeated over each of the chakra's by the practitioner. The patient picks up this positive message via their sub-conscious.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What to expect during a Ear Acupuncture Treatment

Ear Acupuncture is a very powerful yet subtle treatment. It can help with many different conditions both physical and emotional.

Most clients report feeling relaxed after treatment as well as grounded, the mind is quieter, less busy then prior to treatment. Ear Acupuncture can also effect the clients breathing allowing deeper breathing which ultimately allows a depper level of relaxation. Some clients say they feel scatty and giddy after a session. It effects different people in different ways but the above is mainly what my clients have reported back to me.

Prior to starting the treatment I discuss the condition or particular issue the client wants the treatment for with them. Generally 5-6 needles are then placed in each of the patients ears. Mostly this isn't painful however if there is a lot of blocked energy in a particular point it may hurt a little bit, but not for very long. Its not any where near as painful as having your ear pierced! I encourage clients to breathe in and out and on their out breath I place the needle in to their ear. Putting needles in the ears is very quick and takes about 5 minutes.

I often give clients a cup of detox tea during a treatment and I encourage qi gong which is very similar to meditation to help the client to really focus in wards and relax in a quiet space.

The session usually lasts for about 45 minutes, if the treatment is done in a group session the client will sit quietly with others in an upright position in a chair.
If the session is a one to one session ( By that I mean me the practitioner with one client) I put the client on a massage table on their back and leave them to relax for the same amount of time.

Before the end of the session the needles are removed and 1-2 magnets are taped on to ceratin pressure points. The magnets help to keep stimulating particular points which are useful in treating the client, for their particular condition they are having the sessions for. The magnets genearlly stay on for about a week.

For further info please see my website on http://www.holisticinterventions.co.uk/ear-acupuncture.php

What To Expect During Indian Head Massage Treatment

This is a wonderful treat of a treatment, the massage works on the top three chakras which are crown, brow and throat. The actual treatment works on the top of the back, the arms, the neck, the head and the face. Its a great teatment for stress because of the body area it covers. Lots of different types of massage movement are used throughout the treatment making it varied and different to other types of massage.

Oil can be used in the hair if the client wants this, oil is very good for healthy hair and a healthy scalp.

5 minutes of Reiki take place towards the end of the treatment to help blance the top three chakra's. Both the physical massage movement and the Reiki balancing can leave the client feeling in a very relaxed/blissful state. Having a head rub really encourages this blissful feeling too.

This is the perfect treatment if you want to relax, go into yourself and let go of some of the stresses from your daily life.

For more info please see my official website on: http://www.holisticinterventions.co.uk/indian-head-massage.php

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

What To Expect During A Reiki Treatment.

During a reiki session most clients feel really relaxed and may even fall asleep during the treatment. Falling asleep is a great way to receive Reiki, if we are asleep our conscious mind is switched off allowing our subconscious to really take in the positive Reiki energy and take it to the area in the aura where it is needed by the client.

Some clients report seeing vibrent colours during the treatment usually the colours that are seen are one or more of the colour of the chakra's. In my experience even clients that don't know what the chakra colours are will see some of these colours.

Some of my clients have cried during treatments, some report old memories coming back to them things they may have forgotten all about.

Sometimes if there is blocked energy it is possible for a body spasm to occur or eyes to flicker I've seen this happen myself with clients. I myself experienced my arm flying backwards out of my control when I had my first Reiki treatment.

Basically each individual experiences Reiki very differently, on the whole though its a deeply relaxing, gentle experience which works on different levels of the aura to help release blocked energy and provide some healing for us all.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Holistic Interventions Brighton Based Ear Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage and Reiki

One of the reasons I'm so passionate about holistic therapies is that I love the fact that they offer a natural simple way of looking at the body and mind. I've found holistic treatments to be very helpful towards my own emotional and physical well being and have experienced many treatments as a client, when I've had difficulties in my own life and always found them to be beneficial. I now want to offer the same opportunities of healing that were available to me to others in need.

The idea for Holistic Interventions came to me in 2004 once I had finished studying Indian Head Massage at Northbrook College. Prior to 2004 I had already studied Reiki 1 during my travels in Nepal and studied for my Reiki two and Reiki Master Practitioner level with Reiki Master Emily B Whinney on my return to Brighton. Then in 2005 I added Ear Acupuncture to my repertoire, after studying at The Yuan College in Clapham North, London. Holistic Interventions seemed like a good name as it covered all of the three very different treatments I offer.

I am now based at the Anahata Health Clinic on Edward Street,Brighton and I've worked there since April 2008, I also occasionally practice from Holistic Heaven on Beconsfield Road, Brighton.

I (Yasmin) am the main practitioner at Holistic Interventions and I offer private one to one treatments at Anahata and can offer discounted rates for regular clients. Consultations are available if required by clients and are generally thirty minutes long. As well as one to one sessions, I can also provide pamper days for organisations and companies as well as short taster sessions to improve staff morale and help manage staff stress levels.

I've worked with two different charties in the last four years. Where I offered service users a low cost group ear acupuncture service. Ear acupuncture can be experienced in either a group or one to one setting with equally good results. The main benefit of a group treatment is that it can keep costs low and affordable for clients and also allow the client to feel supported by other members of the group. I also treat ear acupuncture clients in one to one sessions where client prefer a more individual and personally tailored service.

As well as the Ear Acupuncture I've also had about four years experience in practicing Reiki and Indian Head massage. Where I have completed many taster sessions at various private companies and took part in pamper days for charities and at events in Brighton & Hove such as the Brunswick Festival and the farmers market at The Friends Centre.

If you'd like any further information about my service please visit my website on http://www.holisticinterventions.co.uk/ or email me on holisticinterventions@gmail.com